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Nick Greenwood

I have been helping people for years and am genuinely interested in supporting you and your business. I get a real kick out of helping others to achieve something that they didn’t think possible and stepping beyond what they know.

I was brought up on a dairy farm in the Waikato, a background for which I am really thankful. I have been very involved in the recovery work following the Canterbury earthquakes, working with businesses contracting to Fletcher EQR, EQC directly and insurance companies via PMO’s. Canterbury has been my home now for 23 years and I live with my wife and two of my three children (aged 14 to 21).

I have worked in a number of different fields over my career with the following four elements being common in them all: people, organisation, strategy and 'team'. 

My experience in positions include the areas of:

  • Employment Coordinator
  • Distribution and Sales
  • EQR, EQC and Insurance Company Repairs
    COMMUNITY WORK (paid and voluntary)
  • City Youth Work and Pastoral Care
  • Social Work
  • Self-Employed Kerbing Contractor
  • Bank Manager
  • General Manager (Construction & Paving Companies)

In all these areas of experience, I have enjoyed seeing efficient ways of setting up systems to
help people maintain control in their business. This involves understanding what needs to
happen and determining how each individual within that business naturally tends to operate.
People need to work within their own skill area, and the systems employed need to work for the

Do you feel that your business systems are out of control or you need some help tightening things up? Then give me a call and arrange a no obligation meeting.